Need an extra push to amp up the intensity at the gym? How hard you work in that hour of cycling can actually effect how many calories you burn for the entire rest of the day. That’s right — working out at a higher intensity increases your body’s energy (read: calorie) burn for around 14 hours.

The Takeaway: Amp up the exercise intensity to burn extra calories even after leaving the gym.Vigorous exercise (pretty much anything that makes you sweat and breathe heavily enough that it’s not possible to speak evenly) is shown to have the most all-day burn potential (as opposed to light or moderate exercise). But to clarify, this isn’t a free pass to hit up the buffet — the additional burn was about 190 calories over the entire day in one study (in addition to the calories burned at the gym).

Talk Test

Want to give a high intensity workout a try? Take a talktest— at above average intensity, speaking may seem a little tricky.

Fun Fact

A classic high intensity exercise, jump roping can burn up to 200 calories in just 15 minutes!