In our weekly Q&A installment, we asked The Greatist Team about their top fitness goals. Here’s what they had to say:

Throughout middle school and high school, I competed in cross country. Unfortunately, a knee issue kept me from running in college. Over the years I’ve worked through the injury and worked my way back to race mode. Starting in September, my goal is to run a race every month. I want to get back to the sport I fell in love with and make up for lost time.” — Leah Rocketto

“Fall is in the air and in the Rockies that means one thing— Snowboard season is coming. It is time to focus my training to build leg and core strength while continuing to improve my cardio system for intense intervals. I can’t wait for the slopes to open.” — Troy Pesola

“My goal is to be able to complete an unassisted pull-up. For someone who’s always had way more lower body strength than upper, it’s been cool to see that none of that is set in stone (as long as you’re willing to put in work). Over the last year I’ve whittled the assist down to 30 lbs, and hope to be doing them on my own by the fall!” — Jordan Shakeshaft

My fitness goal is to go to yoga classes 2 to 3 times a month. I even bought a Groupon for discounted classes so I wouldn’t have an excuse!” — Katie Koerner

“A freestanding handstand pushup. I can do them against a wall just fine, but right now I have nowhere near the coordination and control to do them without some support. Hopefully I’ll get one in sometime before the year’s out!” — David Tao

“I really want to be able to run a mile in under 10 minutes. Back problems and a few other health issues have kept me from running for the last 6 years, and I’m finally (almost) healthy enough to start running again. I actually hate to run, but when I can actually get through a mile without collapsing again, I’ll be really, really happy with myself!” — Kate Morin

“Mine is that I’d really like to run two marathons a year, one in the fall and one in spring. Even though I sometimes dread training, I love having these long-term goals to look forward to and feel good about. And there’s nothing like crossing the finish line to make it feel like it’s been worth it.” — Kissairis M. Munoz

“I have a long term goal of competing in a half-IronMan triathlon in September of 2012. I’ve competed in Olympic distances in years past (.6 miles swimming, 18.4 miles biking, 6.2 miles running ), but this is a step up in terms of training. The new distance is 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles biking and 13.1 miles running. It’ll require a disciplined training regimen and diet to be able finish.” — Calvin Men