Although not exactly candy, I love caramel apples— especially with peanuts or pecans. Salty, sweet, and slightly tart— the perfect combo.— Kelli Kerkman

Raisinettes. I used to get them at the movie theater as a wee lad, back in the days before I used phrases like “wee lad.” I especially like the dark chocolate variety. — Cris Magliozzi

Candy Corns are my favorite. Back in the day when “no fat” was all the craze, candy corns fit the bill. I could (and still can) polish off a whole bag in one sitting. Of course, now I realize no fat doesn’t mean no calories, and an entire bag has over 1,400 calories. So I just steal a few handfuls from the candy bowl during trick-or-treating. Yum. — Kristine Lockwood

Candy corn! People either think it tastes like wax or love it. There seems to be no in between! — Tory Lowy

I have to go with classic Snickers— especially the mini square ones! I love the nutty crunch plus the caramel. Yum! — Kate Morin

Reese’s Eggs. I know these are technically Easter candies, but they yield by far the most peanut butter out of all Reese’s products. I’ll “forget” they’re probably half a year old while I enjoy them… — Laura Schwecherl

M&Ms have always been the perfect Halloween treat. It’s hard to go wrong with a bagful of chocolate. Don’t eat any unwrapped pieces though, or you might get poisoned. Happy Halloween. — Shana Lebowitz