Compost Bin-Earth Day
Fun fact: Writing a shopping list, learning to pickle, and visiting used bookstores are all great ways to help the planet. Here, we’ve rounded up some relatively unconventional but hugely impactful ways to make your daily routine more eco-friendly.
Matzo-on-matzo sandwiches? Not this Passover. We’ve rounded up 34 delicious, nutritious ways to make the week of no bread products fly by. Check out these recipes for almond flour pancakes, matzo lasagna, pecan bars, and more.
Meditating hand
A regular meditation practice can make practitioners smarter and less stressed, and can boost their immune systems and attention spans. Try it for 10 minutes a day.
Try running in place for a few minutes to get those endorphins flowing. Even brief physical activity can help beat stress.
Whether you work 18 hours a day or you’re just shy, making new friends in your 20s and 30s can be a huge challenge. Here's our best advice for fostering some truly meaningful non-romantic relationships.


Leo Babauta, founder of the Zen Habits blog, shares his tips on getting rid of junk food, finding a job you love, and why self-improvement bloggers don’t always have the answers.

The author of the bestselling book “The Happiness Project” loves ballpoint pens, candy, and helping people find meaning in their lives. Read on to find out what keeps the New York City mom cheery these days.

My, that tofu looks tasty. "Food porn" usually conjures up images of cake and cookies, but is it possible that pictures of nutritious stuff can actually make us healthier?

New research suggests American adults use the Internet to look up health information but don’t discuss their health issues on social media. Posting comments and questions about our health online could be empowering for patients and doctors.
Kefir’s thousands of years old, but many Americans still haven’t heard of it. Find out why a spoonful of this slightly sour substance (similar to yogurt) may fight off colds and resolve our gastrointestinal issues.