Cris Magliozzi

Cris Magliozzi

Cris Magliozzi is a passionate storyteller who hopes to harness the power of narrative for social change. Though originally hailing from Burlington, Massachusetts, he spent his summer after college documenting the work of Opportunity International in Ghana through film and graphic design. His work with Ghanaian non-profits began several years prior when he ran the Boston Marathon in support of the Ahoto Partnership for Ghana. Fond of taking on both new athletic and narrative challenges, Cris is eager to work with the active members of the Greatist team in his new home of New York City.My most troublesome weakness is... I am always hungry. Though I just had lunch I am looking at the sandwich of the girl next to me with Wile E. Coyote eyes.I'm looking forward to learning more about... How to innovate new ways of using technology to improve people's well-being.
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