Here at Greatist, we believe that great advice doesn’t always have to come from super duper know-it-all experts… it can come from you! We value all our readers’ opinions like no other, so in honor of you (yes, you!), we are having our first “The Greatist Advice Ever” Contest.

Want to get featured on our site? Tell us the best advice you’ve ever received and the best advice (and you) wins a Greatist feature! Plus we’ll throw in a sexy Shape Up Alarm Clock we’ve got lying around in our office so you have the option to get some reps in with your alarm clock every morning just like us. You’re welcome.

This advice can be from a parent, a friend, or even your neighborhood zookeeper (ours is named Mustafa), so get thinking and get creative!

This contest will run from Wednesday, June 15th through Saturday, June 18th at 11:59pm, and participants can enter by going to the Greatist Facebook Fan Page. Once you’ve “Liked” our page, write your Greatist advice in “The Greatist Advice Ever” Contest comment box. We will read everyone’s awesome advice and notify the winner by June 19th (just in time for Father’s Day!).

Good luck! And we look forward to reading, learning from, and being inspired by everyone’s advice!

Click to Enter: The Greatist Advice Ever Contest