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looking anxious on a park bench
What Are Medicinal Mushrooms—and Should You Be Eating Them?
A man wearing headphones looking out a window

8 Drug-Free Ways to Calm Anxiety in Minutes

This one .GIF is... weirdly relaxing.
8 Tips for Dealing With Wedding Stress—From Someone Who's Been There

8 Tips for Dealing With Wedding Stress—From Someone Who's Been There

Here to help you keep the "happy" in "happily ever after."
Millennials and Perfectionism
32 Simples Solutions for When You Can't Sleep 24K

32 Solutions for When You Can't Sleep

We’ve rounded up the very best strategies for getting a good night’s rest.
10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk—and Fast

It's legit as easy as answering some questions.
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How Anxiety and Depression Are Like the Worst Roommates Ever

You know, the kind who only emerge from their rooms to ask if you’ve put on weight recently.
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Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham Shares the Unhealthy Way She Lost Weight

Stress can really mess up your appetite.
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These Stunning Looks Show What Anxiety and Depression Feel Like

The #InsideOutChallenge uses makeup to show others what it feels like to live with mental illness.
Sara, the author, looking very glam and posing with a cookbook - Photo courtesy of Iconic Pinups
The author, Rosemary, and her dogs on a pretty autumn street

How Dogs Can Ease Your Depression and Anxiety

My dogs bring me a renewed sense of purpose, a healthy routine, and a cold nose next to mine.
Tim Ferris
Mediocrity GIFs

8 GIFs That Prove How Truly Satisfying Mediocrity Can Be

Why go for gold when you can settle for silver?
An Olympic Wrestler Won Gold in Rio Because of Her Anxiety, Not in Spite of It
The Worst Thing You Can Do If You're Feeling Stressed About the Election
Skipping the Gym When Overwhelmed
mental illness illustrations
what it's like to have anxiety
Anxiety birthday

This Artist Is Transforming Cringeworthy Stories of Anxiety Into Tiny Works of Art

Even the smallest of incidents can trigger intense feelings that last a lifetime.
Kid Cudi
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These 5 Illustrations Perfectly Sum Up What Anxiety Feels Like

It's way more than being worried all the time.
Retail Anxiety Feature

The Unexpected Way My Job Helped Manage My Anxiety

This is a whole new take on "retail therapy."