Sex and Relationships

First You See a Beautiful Dance. Then You Realize It’s a Story About Abuse
Premature Ejaculation Isn’t a Joke—and Neither Is This App That Gives Guys a Helping Hand
Study Says Oral Sex Is to Blame for Rise in Head and Neck Cancer Cases

Study Says Oral Sex Is to Blame for Rise in Head and Neck Cancer Cases

But will that change what you do in the bedroom?
male birth control

Science Just Got One Big Step Closer to a Birth Control Pill for Men

There are side effects, but any woman who's taken the pill is familiar with those.
Amber tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn's Sexual Assault Mad Libs Is Sad Proof We All Know How the Story Goes

She's talking about her mother, but sadly most women have had one of these experiences.
college party
This Is the Exact Number of Calories You Burn During Sex
giant clit in france
weight watchers black
Non-Monogamy Feature

13 Ways Non-Monogamy Has Made Me a Better Partner (and Person)

There's so much more to it than sleeping with other people.
Shailene Woodley Makes a Good Case for Why Schools Should Teach Masturbation
fifth grader note

Sometimes It Takes a Fifth Grader to Point Out That We Should Never Tolerate Harassment

"Do not speak to me unless it's a greeting, which will be never."
Interracial Relationship Feature

Being in an Interracial Relationship Completely Changed the Way I Date

"I learned I need more than a man who's just 'OK' with my blackness."
This little device makes birth control easy
Couple in Cafe

The Relationship Red Flag You're Not Paying Attention to (but Should)

Take it from someone who learned this important lesson far too late.
It Happens Campaign

These Photos Depicting Rape Survivors’ Stories Will Make You Uncomfortable. And That’s the Point

These are the stories we should be paying attention to and sharing.
Trojan - Beginner's Guide to Sex Play
In partnership with / Trojan™

So You’re Interested in Sex Play (but Don't Know Where to Start)

We have a few tips to get you going.
Girls Life vs. Boys Life

Wonder Where Sexist Stereotypes Come From? Just Compare These Magazine Covers

Boys are told "explore your future," while girls are given tricks to "wake up pretty."
Discrimination on Tinder
Menstrual Cup
couple making out in bed
Hands Clasped

Consenting In Hindsight: Why I Continued to Sleep With My Rapist

Consenting after the fact won’t erase that time you didn’t get a chance to say yes.
The Perfect Way to Explain Consent
Amy Schumer The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo

Amy Schumer Opens Up About an Abusive Relationship, Proving It Has Nothing to Do With Weakness

"You're not alone if it's happening to you, and you're not exempt if it hasn't happened to you yet."
Dennis Rodman