Jagger and her husband

The Challenges of Being an Interracial Couple in America's Whitest City

"Even though race comes up, it’s not what defines how we feel about each other."
So... What's Polyamory? Allow This Comic to Explain
A double portrait of Tikva Wolf and her character, Kimchi Cuddles

Tikva Wolf of Kimchi Cuddles Discusses Polyamory, Sex, and Jealousy

Super curious about how polyamory works? We were too...
Ladies, Tell Your Man It's Time for Him to Take Birth Control
Jordan, the author, with her husband, Joey

The Things You Do and Don’t Miss Out on by Marrying Your First Love

"By settling down so young, I learned the importance of not settling down at all."
6 Things You Think You Know About Long-Distance Relationships but Don't

You’re Getting Long-Distance Relationships All Wrong

It's not just love on the weekends.
The author, Alia, on her wedding day, looking not especially excited to be there
Sean, the author, as a higher schooler

Why Losing Your Virginity Probably Wasn’t So Special After All

Why do we place so much value on inexperience?
A b&w photo of the author smiling
Painful Sex

A Truly Shocking Number of Women Find Sex Painful

And it's not only medical conditions that are to blame.
Jay Kennedy

We Don't Need This Guy to Say Plus-Size Is Sexy, but It Sure Doesn't Hurt

Don't let anyone ever tell you you're not desirable!
Young Love

You Should Never Get Back With an Ex, Unless…

Exactly how much has changed since you broke up the last time?
7 Pieces of Advice That Aren't Terrible (From a Relationship Counselor)
The author, Charlie, looking perplexed at his Tinder app.

I Let My Friend Control My Tinder—Here's What I Learned

Left, left, left... right... left... sigh.
A woman's hand, nails painted red, holding a black rope
monica and chandler in bed

Scheduling Sex With Your Partner Sounds Weird, but It Works

Technically it's called a "willingness window."
proposal at the gym

Why Are We Grinning? Just Watching a Flash Mob Proposal at the Gym

We'd go to the gym a lot more if this kind of stuff happened.
Guy Live Tweets 2 Baristas Falling in Love

These Awkward Baristas Professing Their Love Is a Rom-Com IRL

And it has us feeling all warm and fuzzy.
Looking at Your Ex’s New Fling’s Instagram Is Just “Research,” Right?

Looking at Your Ex’s New Fling’s Instagram Is Just “Research,” Right?

Is it really stalking if their Instagram is public?
Someone Updated “Baby It’s Cold Outside," So We're Not Singing About Date Rape
why can't men open up

Ikea Apparently Has a Product to Fix Every Relationship Problem

Because you know trips to the store always end in a fight.
One Major Benefit of Going Full Bush

One Major Benefit of Going Full Bush

Something you need to know before you decide to go trimming any hedges.
Did Being Close With Your Mom Affect Your Sex Life?

Did Being Close With Your Mom Affect Your Sex Life?

And now you can't stop thinking about it. You're welcome.
First You See a Beautiful Dance. Then You Realize It’s a Story About Abuse
Premature Ejaculation Isn’t a Joke—and Neither Is This App That Gives Guys a Helping Hand