I don’t know about you, but for me, doing yoga is like being on a roller coaster. My mind goes from pure zen to totally mildly anxious and back again faster than I can flow through each pose.

If you’ve ever had trouble focusing on a mantra or simply wanted to curl up into child’s pose until savasana, then you’ll definitely relate to these 23 thoughts that pop up in yoga class.

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1. Arrive at the Studio

“Well, this is a lovely sanctuary. Is that ~eucalyptus~ I smell? This place is amazing. I want to come here every day.”

2. Walk Into the Studio

“Where is the instructor? How does everyone already know what to do? I want to go home.”

3. Find a Mat

“I will just sit here and pretend I know what I’m doing.”

4. Lotus Pose

“OK, here we go. Focus. Breathe. It’s so hard to focus when all I can think about is how bad I am at focusing. Maybe if I focus on not focusing that will count as focus?”

5. Plank Pose

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

6. Chaturanga

“Chat-a-what? I’m just going to lie facedown on the mat.”

7. Upward Dog

“This isn’t so bad. I forgot how crazy comfortable yoga clothes are. I wish I could wear this all day.”

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8. Downward Dog

“These $90 yoga pants were so worth it. My butt looks great.”

9. Warrior II

“Is everyone staring at me? Am I doing this right? Am I doing anything right? What am I doing with my life?”

10. Reverse Warrior

“Ahhh, this feels kind of good.”

11. Forward Fold

“This also feels goo—nope, ow, ow, ow, ow.”

12. Chair Pose

“This is nothing like sitting in a chair. Sitting in a chair is easy. This is hard. False advertising.”

13. Twisted Chair Pose

“I’m about to create a new pose, the Tangled Woman pose.”

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14. Go Through a Vinyasa


15. Extended Side Angle Pose

“OK, when do they serve the wine?”

16. Triangle Pose

“This is nice. I can hold this pose all day.”

17. (Still) Triangle Pose

“How much longer do I have to hold this pose?”

18. Camel Pose

“Nah, thanks. I’m good.”

19. Bridge Pose

“Now this I can do. I hope the teacher is watching.”

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20. Wheel Pose

“Sorry, chief, I just don’t bend that way.”

21. Corpse Pose

“THIS is my purpose. This is the meaning of life.”

22. Roll Out of Savasana

“No. No. No. I don’t want it to end. Let’s just stay here.”

23. Leave Class

“Whew! I feel amazing. I think I’ll come back again tomorrow.”