Fact: We can't help but check out Snapchat every few hours these days. Whether it's a celebrity or close friend, it's the best way to stay up to date on what's really going on in someone's life. The 13 accounts below won't just serve as a digital distraction, though. They'll also help motivate you to work out and remind you that we're all here navigating hectic lives and just trying to do what's good for us—most of the time.

SnapChats to Follow: Adam Bornstein

1. Adam Bornstein

Username: bornfitness
Who he is: Founder of Born Fitness
What you'll see: What he's making for dinner, adorable shots of his new baby (who "helps" him throughout the day), workouts, and sneak peeks of blog posts. He also fields questions!

SnapChats to Follow: Cassey Ho

2. Cassey Ho

Username: blogilates
Who she is: Creator of Pop Pilates, blogger, activewear designer, and social media fitness star
What you'll see: Healthy meals; travels; new workouts; and a regular rundown of what's going on at Blogilates headquarters, based in Los Angeles.

SnapChats to Follow: Tone It Up Girls

3. Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson

Username: karenakatrina
Who they are: The dynamic duo a.k.a. the Tone It Up girls
What you'll see: Hilarious snap stories involving what happens behind the scenes at Tone It Up HQ, their adorable dogs, and glimpses of workouts (from hot yoga class to running up sand dunes).

SnapChats to Follow: Neghar Fonooni

4. Neghar Fonooni

Username: negharfonooni
Who she is: Fitness coach and writer
What you'll see: Her workouts (recently, a 500-foot carry with a 115-pound sandbag), delightful posts of her pups, and a look at her wine- and good food-filled life in Venice, CA.

Snapchats to Follow: Jill Coleman

5. Jill Coleman

Username: xjillfitx
Who she is: Fitness expert
What you'll see: Gym shots; healthy meals she prepares; how she fits in workouts when she’s traveling; and social outings that involve good times like beer, pizza, and bowling.

Snapchats to Follow: Tara Stiles

6. Tara Stiles

Username: tarastiles
Who she is: Founder of Strala Yoga
What you'll see: Glimpses of her life as an international yoga instructor, what goes on after hours at Strala, sneak peeks of new products she's releasing, and selfies with filters (who can resist?).

SnapChats to Follow: Rachel Brathen

7. Rachel Brathen

Username: rachel_brathen
Who she is: Yoga instructor behind @yoga_girl Instagram
What you'll see: Beautiful sunsets; the work she does with her company, 109 World; yoga on the beach; dogs; and her pet goat, Penny.

SnapChats to Follow: Anna Victoria

8. Anna Victoria

Username: annavictoriafit
Who she is: Creator of the Fit Body Guides
What you'll see: Behind the scenes of her workout shoots and media appearances, her wedding prep, and candid videos where she talks about things like how she stays fit while she's on vacation and the power of posing, lighting, and angles.

SnapChats to Follow: Jessamyn Stanley

9. Jessamyn Stanley

Username: mynameisjessamy
Who she is: Blogger, yoga teacher, and self-proclaimed "fat femme"
What you'll see: Her yoga practice and typical days in Durham, NC, which capture her life as a writer, her cute cat, and her travels and media appearances.

SnapChats to Follow: Jen Sinkler

10. Jen Sinkler

Username: jensinkler
Who she is: Fitness writer and personal trainer, former USA Team rugby player
What you'll see: Her workouts; hilarious snaps like a bathroom selfie "dance party"; rugby games; and food that fuels her through traveling, workouts, and writing.

SnapChats to Follow: Rich Roll

11. Rich Roll

Username: iamrichroll
Who he is: Ultra-endurance athlete and author
What you'll see: A daily "vlog" of his life in Malibu, CA, including interviews he does for his podcast and speaking appearances.

SnapChats to Follow: John Romaniello

12. John Romaniello

Username: johnromaniello
Who he is: Founder of Roman Fitness Systems
What you'll see: Engaging talks with his viewers that serve as inspiration to live your best life and candid snaps of him in pretty much every situation—even driving to the airport after a trip with friends.

SnapChats to Follow: Alaina Sanders

13. Alaina Sanders

Username: AlainaGraceFit
Who she is:
A 19-year-old ACE-certified personal trainer
What you'll see: Her workouts—everything from weights to cardio—and gym selfies.

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