When you're a kid, it's easy to feel out of place. It can happen to anyone, even the people who grow up to be models. That's Dana Patterson's story. The curvy model wrote a letter to her younger self to explain that as much as she used to hate her thighs and her skin and her "Hagrid hair," she's thankful for it all now.

Patterson wants others to share similar letters using the hashtag #DearYoungerMe, so that young girls and boys struggling with loving themselves can learn that beauty doesn't look one specific way. Check out Patterson's full letter below:

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Dear younger me, the things I wish I could have said: You are beautiful the way God made you. Just because you are not blonde, blue eyed, and thin as a rail doesn't mean you are ANYTHING less. You'll be grateful for your eyebrows someday, you're welcome. You'll love the hair that makes people call you hagrid. You'll love your full lips and olive skin with peach fuzz. Those thighs you hate now will carry you through 3 junior olympics. Crazy right?! Your butt that everyone makes fun of you for having will give you the strength to jump higher, and shows your Latin heritage so beautifully. YOUR WEIGHT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! THE WAY YOU LOOK DOESNT DEFINE YOU! Don't listen to the people who say it does. The people who bully you will help hone your humor, you will make a lot of people laugh. Don't let it tarnish you, don't take yourself too seriously. Don't let these people dull your shine. Times are rough right now but boy does it get better! You will grow up to realize YOU need to be the example you needed. You'll meet so many incredible people along the way. Stay weird and stay creative. You are loved. What makes you unique and maybe a little strange, makes you beautiful. I wanted to create this #dearyoungerme tag so that maybe someone in need can read the things I wish I knew when I was younger, and that it's actually awesome to defy unrealistic standards ❤ I tag @nourishandeat and @selfloveclubb ❤❤ if you end up doing one of these posts please tag me so I can read your story!!

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