Becoming a mother is, among other things, a shock to the system. You’ve got to deal with all sorts of physical, mental, and emotional changes. And the truth is, no matter how deep you dig into books, blog posts, and even the minds of your new-mom friends, tons of things will catch you by surprise.

So it makes sense that when mommy blogger Gylisa Jayne shared a list of all the things she learned as a new mom, the post went viral. It’s incredibly relatable—almost painfully so.

Jayne covers it all, from how much breastfeeding hurts the first few weeks to the fact that everyone (like, EVERYONE) has an opinion on how you should raise your kid. And conveniently, no one tells you how to get all those people to back off.

The list is as funny as it is honest and relatable. Jayne just gets it: