Listen, we all know there are two things we’re supposed to do every day, especially in the summer: drink tons of water and wear SPF. But we bet you didn’t know hint® makes doing both easier and way more fun.

Yep, the same brand behind those flavor-infused waters also makes sunscreen. And just like its H20, hint’s SPF spray is made with natural fruit essences, meaning you’ll get a subtle whiff of grapefruit, pear, or pineapple every time you apply.

But it’s not all bells and whistles—this stuff is the real deal. It provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection (that’s for both UVA and UVB rays), contains no parabens or oxybenzones, and is water resistant for 80 minutes. Hint even whipped up a cool new technology that dispenses the product via compressed air (as opposed to propellant chemicals, which can irritate the skin). Translation? It dries super fast and gets alllll over.

Bonus: It makes your skin look all sorts of pretty and glowy. And hint is offering Greatist readers a two-pack for just $30 (they’re usually $24 each!).