If you’re an adult woman, chances are at some point a doctor has explained how to do a breast self-exam. They show you how to use your hands to press down on your breasts and feel for a lump. And then the conversation ends. But there’s so much more to know!

For starters, a cancerous lump feels like a lemon seed—it’s hard, and will rarely budge when you push up against it. Plus, lumps aren’t the only sign of breast cancer. This handy graphic that’s gone viral on Facebook shows 12 things every woman should be on the lookout for. (You can ignore the fact that lemons have been superimposed on an egg carton—we know it doesn’t make any sense!) The important part here is the takeaway: If you see an indentation, growing veins, or one of the 10 other potential signs of breast cancer, it’s worth consulting a doctor.