Curling up on the couch (or at your cubicle) with a piping hot cup of joe every morning can deliver some serious health benefits.

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From helping you live a little longer to boosting your metabolism (yes, please), coffee is a miracle worker. But the downside to your java is that you come crashing down once the jolt wears off. Besides, your daily trip to Starbucks might be disrupting your sleep schedule, throwing off your digestive system, making you feel jittery all the time, and putting a dent in your bank account. So sometimes it’s good to take a step or two away from the pour-over.

If you’re trying to ditch coffee, you know this is exactly what the withdrawal process feels like:

1. You wake up feeling optimistic and ready to take on the world.

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I can do this. Today will be the day when I finally break up with coffee.

2. When you spot your favorite coffee mug.

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It’s not you, it’s me.

3. Driving past your favorite coffee shop like…

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I think we should see other people.

4. Walking into the office and getting a whiff of other people’s coffee.

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In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

5. When the withdrawal kicks in midway through the morning.

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I need a minute.

6.When another colleague tries to make small talk, but you’re tired AF.

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Me to everybody: Please, please go away.

7. Realizing it’s almost noon and you’ve made it through most of the morning without a single drop of caffeine.

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Take that, haters!

8. Going into the breakroom for lunch and seeing the coffee.

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Me: Does it count if it’s past noon? After all, I made it through the entire morning.

9. Trying to fight the urge like…

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The Lord is testing me.

10. Trying desperately to keep yourself from falling asleep at your desk.

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Keep. It. Together.

11. When you suddenly find yourself not thinking about coffee anymore.

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Whoa! What is this feeling?

12. That feeling when you start to realize you might actually be able to survive without coffee.

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Princess Gabbara is a Michigan-based journalist and storyteller whose work has been published across several publications, including Ebony,,, Sesi, and Huffington Post Women. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @PrincessGabbara.

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