Sure, it’s the thought that counts. But the real goal is to delight the recipient with your awesome find. We don’t know a single soul who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive any of the below gifts (hint, hint).

Frankie & Claude Award Ribbons
Photo: Frankie & Claude

We guarantee at least one of these cheeky ribbons will fit someone on your list.


Aliza J Sokolow
Photo: Aliza J Sokolow

The best food porn we ever did see. These can’t-take-your-eyes-off prints will look good on anyone's wall.

(from $48;

Avocado Soap Bar
Photo: Pyknic

We're a sucker for an avocado-themed gift. So naturally everyone on our list is getting one of these avocado oil- and grapefruit-infused bars in their stocking.


Dry Farm Wines
Photo: Dry Farm Wines

Nobody's gonna turn down six bottles of wine delivered to their door every month. Make that six bottles of organic, natural, low-sugar, low-sulfite, Paleo-friendly wine, and you've truly outdone yourself. (Bonus: Dry Farm Wines is offering Greatist readers an extra bottle of wine with their first order.)

($159 for six bottles;

Peanut Butter Mixer
Photo: Amazon

File this under things you never knew you needed but make life so much easier: The smart gadget gets rid of the oily separation that happens in nut butters—sans mess! Pair with a jar of homemade nut butter to really blow their minds.


Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinders
Photo: Food52

These works of art make anyone look like a pro host, even if they're just serving takeout for dinner.


What Do You Meme
Photo: Amazon

Cards of Humanity is so three years ago. Take game night up a notch with What Do You Meme? Created by famed Instagrammer F*ckJerry, it's like the internet version of Apples to Apples.


Photo: Countertop

The gift of health can also be super delicious if it’s in the form of Countertop's spice blends and spreads, which range from a turmeric-sage-cumin seasoning that makes chicken actually taste good (and helps with digestion too!) to a creamy golden butter spiked with turmeric, cumin, and cardamom.

(from $7.99;

Sage Sticks
Photo: The Hoodwitch

Who doesn't need a little positivity going into 2018? Pretty blue sage and lilac smudge sticks will cleanse the recipient’s life of negativity and promote love, harmony, and balance.


Keap Candle
Photo: Keap

These coconut wax candles look and smell a lot fancier than their price tag. Keap has tons of giftable options (candle subscriptions, a tea light gift set), but if you're narrowing down to one, we're superfans of the Wood Cabin scent.


Merippa House Shoes
Photo: Kolo

You heard it here: Matching Japanese house shoes are the new matching pajamas. These slippers come in fun pattern combos, are ridiculously comfortable, and roll up in a ball to save space (perfect for long flights).


Yeti Rambler Tumbler
Photo: Yeti

The hardest-working beverage holder on the planet keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, doesn’t sweat, and puts bevvies on lock when the valve is shut. Plus, it looks slick as hell.


Photo: Nintendo

Four words: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The retro gaming system comes with 21 pre-installed games (yes, including Super Mario Brothers and Zelda), the old-school 90s controllers, and a super-small console. Time to throw it back.


Stranger Things Poster
Photo: Etsy

We're pretty sure 99 percent of the people on your list are fans of Stranger Things. But if they're more into GoT or The Walking Dead, Etsy shop Law & Moore has those too.


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