What do you picture when you hear the phrase “top model” (other than the reality TV show of the same name)? Hopefully you think of women who are changing the game, like Ashley Graham, but we bet the person you’re thinking of is skinny and white.

There are black top models out there—Tyra and Iman come to mind—but they are the exceptions. Deddeh Howard, a model who’s also casually in medical school, knows fashion’s diversity problem all too well. “Agencies would often tell me, ‘We like your look, but there’s a black girl already,’” she told Buzzfeed. “It shouldn’t be limited to just one black girl; there can be more than one!”

To draw attention to the issue, Howard recreated some of the most iconic fashion ads from recent years for a photo series called “Black Mirror.” Check out Howard’s stunning photos below, which act as further proof that the fashion industry seriously needs to expand the women (and men) they put in the spotlight.