Looking for something that can give you long, lush lashes quicker than you can bat them? Well, Vaseline ain’t it. Petroleum products, like the big V, aren’t shown to speed up hair growth — for your lashes, eyebrows, or otherwise.

These petro jellies do offer some benefits though, which might make your eyelashes seem more luxurious. Read on to learn how to get lashes that’ll make you want to butterfly kiss everyone.

Vaseline 101

The brand of petroleum jelly you’re probably most familiar with is Vaseline. It was created in the 1860s and has been a household skin care standard ever since.

Vaseline’s made of 100% triple-purified white petrolatum, a rich combo of natural waxes and oils. You can find other brands of “wonder jelly” on the market, but many include additives such as fragrance.

While Vaseline isn’t Miracle Grow for your lashes, it can turn up solid wellness and beauty results.

Plump up the jam

One of petroleum jelly’s superpowers is its awesome ability to lock moisture into the skin. It does this by creating a protective surface barrier that reduces fluid loss. Very dry skin loves this kind of TLC!

Similarly, Vaseline can make your lashes nice and juicy. It’s even part of a recommended treatment routine for peeps with dry eye.

Easy on the eyes (and skin)

Vaseline is super gentle on the skin since it lacks impurities. This makes it a great moisturizing option for folks with sensitive complexions, eczema, or eyelid concerns like eyelid dermatitis.

As always, if your peepers are prone to irritation or infections, it’s best to get a green light from your eye doc before using any nonsterile products in that delicate zone.

Health is wealth

When applied sparingly, this ointment can make your lashes healthier. The jelly conditions the hairs and helps to prevent them from breaking off. So eyelashes will appear fuller, longer, and shinier while getting stronger.

Simple as ABC

As in Absolutely Basic Care! There’s nothing more straightforward than dabbing on some petroleum jelly. If only all health and beauty regimens were this quick and easy!

Vaseline is a 3-in-1 product, meaning it can moisturize your skin and lashes, and also remove makeup — including some stubborn glued fake lashes. (Woo! More space freed up on the vanity.)

Pairings aren’t just for wine and cheese

Vaseline plays nicely with other skin care products. Use it with your favorite face cream or toner for extra hydration.


Petroleum jelly stays on top of your skin instead of soaking into your skin. So, it may not work as a moisturizer before you add makeup. (You don’t want your face paint to slide off, right?) Your best bet is to include Vaseline in your end-of-day routine.

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It’s like a silky cami underneath

Some people swear by applying Vaseline to their lashes before mascara. The claim is that the petroleum jelly makes the mascara glide on more smoothly, resulting in better coverage. Why not give it a try? Vaseline could be a good alternative to expensive primers.


What’s even better than an effective beauty find? One that’s inexpen$ive as heck and easy to get your hands on. Vaseline gives a lot of long-lasting bang for your buck since you only need a tiny amount each time.

Successfully applying Vaseline to your eyelashes is among the least complicated things in life. #bless

  1. Always wash your hands before applying. Be sure to get rid of any gunk under your nails. You want to minimize the chance of getting dirt or bacteria on your lids and lashes.
  2. Clean and rinse your eyelids so there’s no makeup or soap on your skin or lashes. Leave your skin and lashes a little damp.
  3. Put a tiny amount of Vaseline (about the size of a short grain of rice) onto the tip of a clean cotton swab.
  4. Carefully apply the jelly to the skin of your upper and lower lash lines of both eyes. Remember: A little goes a long way.
  5. With the clean end of your cotton swab, apply a tiny bit of Vaseline to your lashes until they’re lightly coated. Blinking as you apply can help distribute the jelly to each and every lash.

If you’re using Vaseline at bedtime, you’ll probably have some stickiness in the morning. Simply wash your face with warm water and a washcloth, gently rubbing the lashes and eyelids, to release any lingering ointment.

Vaseline can bother some eyes or momentarily blur vision. If this happens, use a couple of drops of artificial tears to clear away any Vaseline that snuck into your eyes.

Consistency setbacks

Petroleum jelly may not be for everyone. Many people find it too thick or sticky to be comfortable or effective. In this case, you can try mixing the jelly with your other favorite products, and use it less often or only overnight.

You may also find it challenging to apply it delicately or accurately. The key here might be practice makes perfect — you’ll get the hang of it! Also, use clean, tight-tipped cotton swabs (not the ones rolling around your makeup kit with big, fuzzy ends!).

Poor clogged pores?

Vaseline is marketed as noncomedogenic (won’t clog your pores). Still, it’s greasy and since it acts as a moisture barrier, it may trap oil. It may not be the best option if you’re prone to breakouts.

Fly in the ointment

If you’re not careful, Vaseline can trap more than moisture. Dirt, dead skin cells, and more can cling to this sticky substance. While they won’t grow in the jelly, bacteria and fungi can survive in Vaseline and then transfer to anything else you touch. Ew.

What’s inside matters

Choose a jelly that’s 100% triple-purified petrolatum and free of irritants like fragrance. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin, acne, or certain eye conditions.

Consider doing a patch test — like on the inside of your elbow — before putting Vaseline on your dainty eyelids. Make sure your skin plays nice with the ointment.

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Vaseline is an iconic brand of petroleum jelly. It’s made of highly purified natural waxes and mineral oils and is gentle enough for most people to use regularly.

Petroleum jelly won’t make your eyelashes grow longer, thicker, or faster. But it can make them healthier, which may give the appearance of extra flutter-worthy lashes. On top of hydrating your eyelashes, Vaseline is an effective facial moisturizer.

A petroleum jelly routine is also simple, affordable, and compatible with other facial care products. Vaseline deserves to be added to your shopping list.