What’s not to love about caffeine? Coffee can boost metabolism and make exercise more enjoyable, while tea can treat sunburns and may even prevent certain cancersEffect of coffee ingestion on physiological responses and ratings of perceived exertion during submaximal endurance exercise. Demura, S., Yamada, T., Terasawa, N. Graduate School of Natural Science & Technology, Kanazawa University. Perceptual and Motor Skills 2007 Dec;105(3 Pt 2):1109-16.Green tea polyphenols block the anticancer effects of bortezomib and other boronic acid-based proteasome inhibitors. Golden, E.B., Lam, P.Y., Kardosh, A., et al. Department of Pathology, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. Blood, 2009 Jun 4;113(23):5927-37. Epub 2009 Feb 3.. Here are 15 articles that cover all-things caffeine, along with the caffeinated beverages we should watch out for!

Drink Up

How to Make the Perfect Iced CoffeeSkip the $4 iced Grande and head back to the kitchen. We’ve got the best way to make iced coffee that’ll cool anyone down all summer long.

Try Cinnamon In Your Coffee Instead of Cream and SugarReplace cream and sugar with a teaspoon of cinnamon in coffee to save 70-plus calories per cup while potentially boosting the metabolism.

How One Cup of Coffee Can Change Your LifeGUEST POST: Patti Maciesz loves coffee. Here’s how the simple ritual of brewing her own every day has helped her reclaim her mornings and improve her life for the better.

Soak Your Steak in Coffee (and Other Tips)Use coffee grounds as a better steak marinade and tenderizer, as a facial scrub, to help that home garden grow, and to get rid of unsightly kitchen funk.

Superfood: Green TeaTake a cue from ancient China for a drink that’s got it all. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has been shown to help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Green Tea vs. Black Coffee — The Greatist DebateCoffee or Green Tea? Greatist tackles the debate with a look at two of the world’s favorite caffeinated drinks.

Stay Healthy

Why Coffee and Tea are Amazing for You [INFOGRAPHIC]There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee or tea to start the day. While some studies celebrate these beverages, others claim they’ll do more harm. So should you toss that favorite drink or ignore the naysayers?

How Much is Too Much Caffeine?Got the shakes but can’t stop pounding those Venti macchiatos? Caffeine consumption is near universal, so read on to find out how much is too much.

Dangerfood: Coffee DrinksYou already know that daily Starbucks habit is bad news for the bank account, but it may have negative effects on health, too.

News: Just One Cup of Coffee Could Keep Drivers AlertPut down the super-sized Red Bull. Just a small amount of caffeine could get you through that long haul.

Can Drinking Coffee Boost Metabolism?Coffee has gone from the black list to a drink with benefits. One cup of the morning mud can kick up metabolism, at least temporarily.

Treat Sunburns with Tea (and Other Tips)Sipping tea just for its antioxidant punch is so last millennium. Here are some of the best, most unusual, and generally awesome uses for tea that don’t involve sipping.

Dangerfood: Energy DrinksFilling the coolers of gas stations and gyms alike, it’s hard to tell whether these bottled beverages are junk food or rocket fuel for the body. But the verdict is in: energy drinks are bad news, laden with sugar and questionable supplements.

Can Caffeine Boost Exercise Endurance?Caffeine’s effective at making it past the workday, but it can also help power through a tough workout. Research suggests moderate caffeine consumption can increase exercise endurance by conserving the body’s energy stores.

News: Caffeine Can Make Exercise More EnjoyableNot many would say intervals and supersets are as fun as roller coasters or drive-in movies. But could all that change with a cup o’ Joe?

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