Rhett and Link – Drive-Thru Rap: Healthy Version(via Bari Lieberman)

“Well I been meaning to control my caloric intake/ So I’m startin off with a fruit and yogurt parfait./ I got my friend here in the the passenger seat/ I wanna lettuce sandwich and make my bun wheat.”

Kung Fu Panda – The Secret Ingredient (via Kristine Lockwood)

Nothing like wisdom… from Kung Fu Panda.

VIDEO – 365 Days of Exercise (via Calvin Men)

John Stone takes an image of himself every day of the year to show his progress from working out. Woah.

Also, a special congratulations to current team members Kate Morin, Calvin Men, and David Tao on graduating! We’re lucky to have them on board after so many great accomplishments as they enter the next, exciting chapter of their life. Congrats!

And finally, today’s #Greatist Sunday brunch meal: (via our incoming summer intern