VIDEO — Deaf Woman Hears Her Voice for the First Time (via Kelli Kerkman)

Sloan Churman was born deaf and for 29 years has relied on reading lips and, to a very limited extent, hearing aids. But all that changed when she received a hearing implant. Watch the sheer joy she experiences after turning it on for the first time.

VIDEO — How Bad Do You Want It? (via Derek Flanzraich)

“When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Football player Giavanni Ruffin shares his inspiration in this moving piece.

Reebok CrossFit One — Opportunity Disguised as Fear (via Claudine Morgan)

At the CrossFit Games this year, competitors prove we’re all stronger than we think. It’s just a matter of hard work and choosing to be great.

VIDEO — Mongolia! (via Kristine Lockwood)

Travel across the globe for a reminder that something as simple as a Polaroid picture can bring infinite joy and wonder.

VIDEO — Inspiration to Life (via Jenn Carmona)

And finally, a powerful reminder to be thankful for what we have— there’s always a reason to laugh, smile, and live life to the fullest.