Time sure does fly when you're changing the way the world thinks about "healthy" (and you know, making healthy Crock Pot meals, beasting bodyweight workouts, and helping cure hangovers). And, believe it or not, Greatist turns three years old today! When we launched in April 2011, our goal was to inspire and inform people to make better choices which, over time, add up to something truly great. And while we’ve grown a lot since then (probably more than we could have ever dreamed) our mission hasn’t changed.

As we’ve inspired and informed others, we’ve also been touched by the super insightful, accessible, and entertaining stories on Greatist—and we want to share our all-time favorites with you. Check out what our team considers some of the Greatist hits (free pass for puns on your birthday!) from the past three years. Thanks for being a fan!

The Greatist Stories of All Time

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