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I’m definitely one of those yogis who choose the, shall we say, modest moves during my practice. While others in the class are gracefully floating or impressively handstand-ing between poses, I’m doing everything in my power to balance in warrior II. Baby steps, right? If you’re like me in thinking you’re years of wobbly tree pose away from finding any sort of balance on your hands, this 17-minute crow-pose practice is a great place to start.

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First, you’ll flow through a series of poses including chaturanga push-ups, tip-toe balance, and boat-pose crunches to build a strong core foundation. Each move brings attention to your balance, stability, and trust and introduces your body to the feeling of crow pose. The instructor then talks you through a gradual progression of crow pose, starting with a 5-second hold and adding intensity and duration with each hold. The variations invite yoga practitioners of all levels to build their core and upper-body strength at their own pace. Press play below to get started!