The easiest way to stay cool in the heat is to wear less clothing, right? So you’ve switched from workout leggings to shorts and put away all your sweatshirts for a few months. But if you’re still wearing the same workout tops you sport in winter, you might want to consider these 11 super breathable options instead. They're so lightweight, you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing an extra layer. Try one (or a few) to beat the heat this month.

Adidas tank

Even if your fave yoga class isn't of the hot variety, things can still get pretty steamy up in there. This tank's asymmetrical hem keeps airflow high throughout your flow. Tie the longer sides together in whatever style you'd like for down dogs and inversions.


brooks tank

This top is so light, it's basically see-through, which is the next best thing to working out in just a sports bra. The ultralight fabric wicks away sweat so you stay dry during long runs or tough training sessions.


lululemon tank

The large armholes of this muscle tank are basically like built-in air conditioners, allowing max breeze to flow through. The bottom hugs tight to your waist, so you won’t have to worry about it riding up at all.


new balance tank

Slip into this seamless option before your workout and feel confident you won’t experience any chafing. The small mesh holes are placed in key hot zones to let air flow and keep things cool.


north face tank

Made with input from pro athletes, this singlet was constructed to feel completely weightless on your body. The open-hole back provides breathability where you tend to sweat the most. Bonus: It has a flash of reflective details to keep you visible during low-light conditions.


eddie bauer tank

You can't go wrong with a classic racerback like this. Its special blend fabric pulls moisture away from your body as you sweat it out in the heat. It also has built-in odor-control technology that eliminates the stink, even if you do get it drenched and throw it in your hamper or gym bag before heading straight to work.


sugoi tank

Prepare to be impressed. This tank top is made out of fabric that can actually sense when you start heating up and reacts by releasing a cooling sensation. Wild, right? But it really works and is breathable too.


under armour tank

The almost completely open-back construction of this racerback allows you to feel the wind on your back and shoulders. While the lightweight material pulls sweat away, the simple and straightforward design keeps your core temp down when things heat up.


reebok tank

This is like your favorite muscle tank with a racerback update so you can move freely. It's made of a cotton blend, so it’s soft against your skin but also has wicking technology to keep you dry.


nike tank

You honestly have to feel this tank to understand its appeal. It's made entirely out of a soft, mesh material, making it whisper light and über breathable. Plus, the open back allows for airflow and lets you show off that cute sports bra.


helly hanson tank

Throw on this singlet before a long run and you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable rubbing or it weighing you down, thanks to flat seams and a geometric mesh that lets heat escape.


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