There are few things more (unnecessarily) uncomfortable than bra shopping. Not only are all the numbers and letters confusing (I’m a woman; I should inherently know how to navigate this, right?), but the pushy sales people wielding measuring tape don’t help either. We’re here to help.

Like any piece of clothing or gear, sports bras are purely personal. So much of a bra’s success depends on your own preferences, size, and favorite workout. So although it’s nearly impossible to peg one bra that works for all, we tapped our network of pro product testers—women whose drawers are overflowing with sports bras they’ve put to the sweat test—to make recommendations for the best sports bra for your bust size. Check out their top picks below.

best sports bras

What our tester said: “This is a bra I love so much, I bought it in three different colors. It doesn’t cut into your sides or give you that unwanted bra bulge, but it keeps everything in place. Plus, it’s very flattering! I wear it for low-impact workouts such as yoga or barre, but I also like it when I travel or run errands on the weekends.”

Where to get it:, $48

best sports bras

Montiel Teardrop Bra

Best for A-Cups

What our tester said: “The straps are thin, which allows for good ventilation during sweaty workouts such as running or interval training. It doesn’t cause me to break out like other bras. The material is very comfy next to the skin, and I think it looks stylish when the straps peek out.”

Where to get it:, $38

C9 Champion for Target Seamless Adjustable Cami Sports Bra

What our tester said: “For one, I really love the price! But what’s better is that it actually performs well. It wicks away sweat so I never feel gross and soggy, and it has removable cups and adjustable straps so I can customize the fit for me (but I also think this makes it flattering on a variety of chest sizes). I reach for it for medium- to high-impact workouts such as jogging or cycling.”

Where to get it:, $16.99

best sports bras

What our tester said: “This is my go-to bra for half-marathons. It’s supportive without being constricting—soft, stretchy, and easy to get on and off. It gets the job done and hasn’t lost any of its awesomeness in the wash. The pockets are perfect for running—they hold my fuel, cards, keys, even my cell phone, and I’ve never experienced any chafing.”

Where to get it:, $50

best sports bras

What our tester said: “It’s zero frills but does the best job out of any bra I’ve ever put on my body. This is the ultimate compression piece. I’m the kind of woman who likes her girls to stay in place and doesn’t want wire or extra push-up. I simply want to be able to move (specifically when running, Spinning, or at CrossFit) and have my sports bra feel like as much of a second skin as possible. That’s what this one does.”

Where to get it:, $18.99

best sports bras

What our tester said: “Legitimately the best, most supportive bra I’ve found. It’s comfy and holds everything in place (thanks to padded straps, underwire, and a very secure fit). In my experience, it’s been great for high-impact stuff (boxing, running, boot camp, HIIT) and even tap-back-heavy Spin classes. The band is adjustable—like a regular bra, which I think makes it more flattering.”

Where to get it:, $36.50

best sports bras

What our tester said: “Even if it didn’t stand up to a tough workout (it does), I was ready to trade in all my everyday bras for it, it’s that comfy! The straps are thick and soft, so they don’t cut into tender spots. Most sports bras squish you in, but this one made me feel super secure while still allowing enough cup space for my boobs. It really flatters your chest without allowing a pop out during push-ups or downward dogs. You feel totally locked in and comfortable while still being able to breath and move easily.”

Where to get it:, $20-$55.42

best sports bras

Lululemon Enlite Bra

Best for D/E-Cups

What our tester said: “Years of research went into this bra, and you can tell. It’s shaped unlike any other bra I’ve tried with full coverage cups that give your girls support from every angle—a.k.a. no spillover. I feel locked down but not squished. The fabric is smooth and seamless, so there’s no chance of chafing even during long runs. And it actually looks good! It’s definitely more than I’ve ever paid for a bra before, but I think it’s worth the investment to be able to run and exercise without worrying about my boobs at all.”

Where to get, $98

best sports bras

Brooks Juno Sports Bra

Best for D/E-Cups

What our tester said: “It’s hard to find a bra that provides enough support without killing my shoulders, back, or chest because the straps are so tight. The Juno, however, has adjustable straps, so it not only provides ample support for my gals, but it’s also really comfortable! No bounce, jiggle, or squish! I am not self-conscious at all when doing high-intensity workouts like boxing or going for a run in this. Plus, the hook clasp in the back makes it easy to put on and take off (no wrestling).”

Where to get it:, $65