Crushing your workouts is awesome (go you!), but it’s also important to make time for active recovery. Not sure where to start? Try this 20-minute stretching workout the next time your body needs a little TLC.

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This video is all about giving your muscles time to repair and increasing your flexibility and mobility. The workout will move through dynamic stretches and a mobility flow and then end with static stretching. All three forms of movement are important for active recovery, and recovering faster means getting back to your workouts ASAP so you can meet your overall goals. Sound good? Great. Hit play to get started.

To recap:All you need for this class is a comfortable space. Exercise mat optional.


Leg Swing

Standing Hip Circle

Balancing Hip Hinge Opener

Lateral Lunge


Frog Pop

Thoracic Reach


Down Dog Hip Opener

Lying Hip Rotation


V-Sit Hamstring Stretch

Spinal Twist

Happy Baby

Stomach Spinal Twist

Child’s Pose

Lunge Hold

Cat Cow

Down Dog Hip Opener

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