This past week, Nike picked the 10 tech startups it thinks can change health and fitness. The companies were chosen as part of the Nike+ Acclerator, a program meant to supercharge forward-thinking startups with money, advice, and some good publicity.

Nike isn’t alone — Under Armour just released its own app-and-device training device called Armour39. Reebok has been working with CrossFit to great success and even video game developers like EA Sports are getting into fitness with Yogify, a mobile app for on-the-go yoga training. These newcomers join an already impressive list of fitness trackers and apps meant to make fitness not only easier, but cheaper for everyone.

But is it actually working?

Our question this week asks whether all that tech is helping or hurting our fitness and what the future might hold if more big-name companies get on board. Check it out below and make your voice heard!