In the context of the clip above, Mani Love is not just a treatment we ladies purchase at the nail salon. Jahmani Swanson, who goes by that alias as well as Mani Fresh, Lil Engine, and The Athlete, has received a lot of attention this week for his insane three pointers, footwork, and ball-handling. Swanson is also a Little Person. The street-ball dominator rivals players who easily have 3 feet on him. He snakes through his opponents and dribbles the ball tighter than anyone else can. While he’s got those advantages, his height doesn’t stand between him and the hoop — just watch how he sinks shots from half court like it’s no big deal.

The neon-orange sneaker-wearing Swanson kills it in the Venice Basketball League, which combines “the hardcore reality of the outdoor street basketball lifestyle with the glamour and glory of a professional league,” and goes by the tagline “ballin’ as real as it gets.” Well $#!+, Jamani gets real on the court, there’s no doubt about it.

After winning numerous most valuable player titles, Swanson proves he can tower above his dwarfism in a sport stereotypically known for players whose heights soar past the general population. Swanson says it right, “Don’t believe in the height, believe in the hype.”

And for anyone unclear where to push it, we’re going to venture a guess here and go with… to the limit.

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