Greetings! Another week down, and things are still running smoothly (pun intended).

See the photo? Yep, that’s part of The Greatist Team in our Terry Fox 5K free t-shirts we received after running a free 5K in Central Park! More than 2,500 people came out for the event last Saturday, which raised about $200,000 for cancer research. It was also a great excuse to get on the subway at 7:30 am and proceed to run 3.1 miles as fast as possible. Despite feeling rather exhausted (by mile zero), everyone finished in one piece and celebrated afterward with delicious French toast.

To combat the Monday morning blues, I got in a quick and fun workout without leaving home. I downloaded a free video from called “Gaiam’s Wake up Workout,” a mix of Pilates and yoga. It was a great 20-minute workout that felt more effective than last week’s home exercise trial. The video kept me focused and helped me feel energized and ready to take on the week.

On Tuesday, I checked out BodyFit for Women at the Namaste Yoga Center. The instructor, Cherlyn, let me join for free since I was a new student. The class was eye-opening. Cherlyn’s focus is on injury prevention, and most students have been going to the class for over 20 years. We learned movements that strengthen the body and prevent injuries, and stretched one muscle near the wrist that I didn’t even know existed. No foreseeable sprained wrists for me! Or, at least, fewer.

On Hump day, I went to Bally Total Fitness, which offers a free seven-day guest pass. I chose this gym because it’s just two blocks from the Greatist Headquarters. After some cardio work (did you know Bally has their own television channel?), I decided I would return Thursday for a yoga class open to guest pass attendees. The only class that fit my schedule was a beginner’s lesson, so it wasn’t particularly challenging. But who can complain about ending with a 10-minute savasana pose?

Friday, my friend (and her dog) helped me get some free exercise. I offered to walk lil’ Suzie so I could enjoy a brisk two-mile power walk in the beautiful autumn weather and give the pup some exercise, too. Pets are a great excuse to get movin’ outdoors— everyone should try it!

Ready for this? Total for the week: $0!

The Pros: I found ways to work out at home and close to the office, which cut down on travel time. I also learned about injury-prevention classes (which are a great way to help avoid spending bills on future medical costs). It’s not just an apple a day to keep the doctor away— small stretches near those joints help, too!

The Cons: I am quickly learning that finding deals and cheap ways to work out conflicts with trying to fall into a fitness routine. When searching for deals, you need to be picky.

I’ve learned a bunch of different strategies for working out on a budget these past few weeks, and now I must leave you in suspense until the challenge is over! Until then, get ready for my final week, along with some fitness experts’ thoughts about working out on the cheap!