Sam Gordon wants to be a professional soccer player when she grows up. But this little phenom might be heading to the Super Bowl rather than the World Cup. Millions of people have watched Gordon’s insanely fast little legs juke, jive, and sprint their way to football fame, all thanks to one YouTube video posted by her dad.

In Gordon’s first season playing football for her Salt Lake City gremlin league team, the pint-size girl rushed nearly 2,000 yards, racking up 35 touchdowns and 65 tackles. She’s also nine-years-old, weighs less than 60 pounds, and plays on a team of all boys.

Underneath that enormous helmet, she’s got a mess of tousled sweaty hair, and a ton of talent. And not just for a girl. According to her father Brent Gordon, out of the 172 kids in the district who tried out, Gordon tested the fastest in every speed and agility drill. (That sh!t cray.)

Her father captured Gordon’s talent on video and posted a highlight reel to YouTube called “Girl football player is fast and fun to watch.” Sounds like a bit of an undersell given that Gordon’s video has now earned more than 2 million views and counting.She’s undoubtedly fast, and so fun to watch that she’s been compared to football greats on

Some commenters voice concern over the fact that she’s a girl playing a contact-heavy, male-dominated sport, and that in a few years she won’t be able to keep up. What does Gordon have to say? “It’s just fun because all the boys are like, “Woah… it’s a girl,” she said via Skype on Good Morning America Thursday morning.

As long as she’s enjoying herself and destroying the game, well then, get it girl! Plus who cares, she’d rather play soccer anyways.

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