Talk about stealing the spotlight. This clip (intended to be an interview) begins with an up close and personal shot of a mumbling dude with an accent. We may be inclined to try and decipher what he's saying (rest assured, we can't understand either), but within seconds, our attention jolts to a gentleman in the background rockin' a serious 'stache. It soon appears that said sir stacked the weights on this cable machine juuust a smidge out of his comfort zone. So much weight is loaded that with one firm attempt at a woodchop the guy is lurched up off his feet, propelled to his bum, and dragged backward toward the much more stable machine (a solid 2 yards from where he started). What makes things even more uncomfortable is an unsuccessful attempt to use his lower body to regain his stance. Unfortunately, the move he’s pulling with his legs resembles my flailing limbs during swim lessons the summer after 1st grade.

This clip was released by PumpJunkies, a channel devoted to videos of jacked men and women lifting heavy things and putting them down. While most of their content sticks to serious interviews about bodybuilding, and training, they snuck in this blooper because, well, why not?

Thankfully, it appears that the victim of this gym crime still has both of his arms attached. And we’ve got to commend him for trying to push himself, even if it was just for the camera.

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Photo by Jez Page