This year, at the tenth annual Anytime Fitness conference (a meetup for franchise owners and employees) one fit-feat stood out amongst all the speakers, awards, and fancy dresses. In the middle of Chicago’s Millennium Park, April Calderon, worked out her arms, chest, abs, hips, and legs for hundreds of spectators. It only took her a minute.

Calderon, who is the general manager of three Anytime Fitness clubs in Central Florida, pressed out 61 pushups… in one minute… balancing on three medicine balls. In case you weren’t counting, that’s more pushups than there are seconds in a minute.

To verify Calderon’s coolness, let us inform you that the 24-year-old has tackled this balancing act before, and it was for charity. Calderon’s September 14th go at the push-ups hasn’t yet been confirmed by The Book of Alternative Records, but if and when it is, she will hold the world record for most pushups completed on 3 medicine balls in 1 minute. She’d be added to the collection of weird, crazy, incredible, and unusual feats of dexterity, endurance, strength, and agility held by the book.

While there’s been a slight uproar over the integrity of the last 20 or so push ups, we’ve got to hand it to Miss Calderon for motivating the crowd and youtube viewers alike. So excuse me while I try to even balance on three unstable medicine balls in our office and not break my schnoz.

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