As your relatable fitness, health, and happiness guide, we at Greatist strive to bring our readers amazing content on daily basis. Of course, not all of the best stuff comes from us! In this week’s link roundup, we highlight our favorite can’t-miss videos, articles, and opinions from the interwebz:

5 Min — 100 Year Old Runner Sets Guinness World Record

Update on Fauja Singh, a centenarian runner who holds the record as the oldest living person to finish a marathon.

Gawker — Guy Who Live-Sketched N.Y. Marathon

Extreme multitasking.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree — Things You Didn’t Know About Sports

Answers to questions you didn’t know you had, and some so outlandish you never would have asked.

MSNBC — 15 Minutes of Activity Per Day

A large study from Taiwan suggests doing just 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day may add three years to your life. Now there’s one less excuse not to get out of the chair.

Decadence and Depravity — Arrival in Paris

Friend of Greatist David Boffa takes readers on his whirlwind of adventure leading up to this year’s World Weightlifting Championships in Paris.