If you were told to bring coleslaw to a game-day party of 20, but can’t stomach the idea of that much mayo, take a breath. Just because it’s slaw doesn’t mean you need to break out the 400-ounce jar of Hellmann’s. Sure, without mayo, it may not be coleslaw in the truest sense of the dish, but after you share these five creamy and tangy recipes, you won’t have to spend the halftime break convincing people to “just try it.” They’ll have already finished the bowl.

1. Citrus-Miso Slaw

Guys. This miso slaw is so fresh and crunchy, with just the right hits of tart and umami. It’s 10 veggies deep, yeah—this takes the flavor to a crazy-awesome level—but we think it’s just as satisfying when you cap it at three or four… just don’t skip the cabbage.

2. Greek Yogurt and Apple Coleslaw

This creamy slaw’s sauce is all thanks to Greek yogurt; the addition of carrot and apple to the shredded cabbage add sweetness and crunch. We love this guy piled on barbeque sandwiches.

3. Creamy Tahini Coleslaw

Guess how this vegan slaw stays creamy—go on, guess. OK, give up? It’s tahini! That magical, nutty (yet actually seedy) sesame paste that’s just as welcome in baked goods. PS: You can probably spiralize any veg to go with the cabbage, but as you learned earlier, sometimes you can’t beat carrot and apple.

4. Red Cabbage and Beet Coleslaw

This red-on-red-on-red slaw will make you forget you ever liked creamy cabbage. Starring beets, dried cranberries, and red cabbage, it’s way better for you than the beige slaws of your past. Cook the whole recipe, then chill it overnight—like revenge, this is a dish best served cold.

5. Napa Cabbage Slaw With Peanut Dressing

Try super-crinkly Napa cabbage in this nutty take on slaw. Throw a carrot, snow peas, avocado, and cashews over a cloud of cabbage, then toss with a peanut dressing. (Speaking of that dressing, you can DIY—this spicy recipe kills it—or use your favorite bottled version… we won’t tell.)