We know that adopting any new nutrition plan can come with a lot of valid doubts. Will I have to buy a ton of specific (expensive) ingredients? Will counting carbs, sugar, fat, or calories be a huge pain? One thing we’re sure about is that cleanup time will not be one of those concerns. Whether you’re new to a keto diet or are a low-carb, high-fat veteran, life just got a lot easier with the help of these one-pot keto recipes.

For Cast Iron Keto’s Alex Lester, keto was the key to an active, energized lifestyle. Using whole ingredients, plants, natural proteins, and healthy fats, he creates keto recipes that are, yes, high in fat, but loaded with nutrients, protein, and (most importantly) flavor for a well-balanced day… every day.

1. Keto Breakfast “Potatoes”

If you’ve never had turnips, drop whatever you’re doing and get cooking. These carrot-like, potato-like root veggies are putting hash browns out of business. The bacon bits add good fat and protein to this dish, while the turnips keep things low-carb.

2. Low-Carb Smoky Pulled Pork Breakfast Hash

Just when you think pulled pork is only for the heavy meal at your favorite barbecue joint, we bring you this. This keto recipe takes your go-to eggs to the next level with a heartier start to your day. You’ll thank us when your post-breakfast cleaning is cut in half because it only takes one skillet to get this warm breakfast on the table.

3. Charred Cabbage Salad

What better way to introduce cabbage into your diet than making it taste like bacon? This charred veggie salad includes a kick of jalapeños and mustard for a flavor you won’t want to miss. Plus, you can save leftovers for a side salad that is just as tasty served cold.

4. Keto Buffalo Chicken Soup

Turn your love for buffalo chicken pizza into soup for a low-carb switch. What’s the secret? Cauliflower. With little to no taste, you get all the benefits of the veg while enjoying the classic flavor of buffalo and the high-protein tender chicken.

5. Keto Taco Alfredo Chicken Pasta

Skip the store-bought stuff and get ready to dig into this homemade Alfredo sauce, made with cream, spices, and your cheese of choice. It’s that easy. This recipe traded typical pasta for shirataki noodles, which are low in carbs, beneficial for digestion, and loaded with prebiotics.

6. Keto Dinner Rolls

What’s dinner without a roll? For a little indulgence, try these keto rolls made with cheese, eggs, almond flour, and butter. With a very high-fat content, these keto-friendly “carbs” will temper your cravings with one bite… and that’s really all you need.

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