We love the idea of homemade ice cream. But when most recipes call for special machinery and lots of heavy cream, it’s easy to give up and Google the nearest fro-yo shop. Before you fill up on the next-best thing, take a peek at these 9 healthy, five-ingredient scoops that leave the endless churning to the pros.

1. Vanilla cherry banana ice cream

We’ll let you in on a secret: Cherry flavor gets approximately 200% more exciting with the addition of vanilla — that’s just simple math. Top with halved cherries and ready your spoon. If you can’t get your hands on a whole vanilla bean, vanilla extract works just as well.

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2. Coconut lemon ice cream

Make a thick ice cream base by cooking down coconut milk and honey until slightly golden. Then pat yourself on the back: You just made healthier sweetened condensed milk. Offset the rich coconut milk with tart lemon juice and whip with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Be sure to taste test before freezing.

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3. No-churn vegan chocolate ice cream

That can of coconut cream in your pantry has been waiting for this moment. First, chill it in the fridge overnight. Then blend it up with dates for sweetness, cocoa powder for chocolatey richness, and a little almond milk for consistency. Congrats! You’ve just created the stuff of vegan dessert dreams (all without hauling out the ice cream maker).

Get the no-churn vegan chocolate ice cream recipe.

4. Mango coconut ice cream

A few bites into this mango coconut ice cream and you may mistake your kitchen for a tropical island. Blend the coconut milk and frozen mango until smooth or leave in a few solid fruit pieces for some texture. We think serving with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of shredded coconut makes it even better.

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5. Chocolate avocado ice cream

Chocolate ice cream you can eat for breakfast? Sign us up. This maple-sweetened mixture of frozen banana and avocado is a sweet way to snack after a workout or even before a long workday (who are we to judge?). It makes a great after-dinner treat too.

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6. Raspberry coconut ice cream

Not only is this raspberry ice cream a delightful shade of pink, the recipe also calls for a big splash of electrolyte powerhouse coconut water. The best part: There’s no additional freezing required, so this dish is ready in 5 minutes.

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7. Peanut butter banana ice cream

Peanut butter and banana might seem a better combo than PB&J after a few bites of this ice cream. Freeze banana slices, then blend with peanut butter in a powerful blender or food processor. Soft-serve lovers will want to dive in immediately, but this ice cream can be frozen for optimal scooping.

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8. Raw vegan chocolate ice cream

Calling all chocoholics! You wouldn’t know from the way it looks, but this rich ice cream gets its silkiness from coconut milk and a ripe avocado. It’s sweetened with banana and a touch of agave (swap the latter for maple syrup if you’re not a fan). Mix up the the ice cream base, then stick it in the freezer for a good few hours to firm up.

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9. Blueberry lavender ice cream

No-churn doesn’t mean less fancy. Join the finer things club with this dreamy blueberry ice cream.

Dairy- and refined sugar-free, this dessert is a result of creamy cashews and plump dates blended with fresh blueberries. The lavender can easily be omitted if you can’t find culinary-grade flowers — don’t worry, the ice cream will be just as refreshing without.

Get the blueberry lavender ice cream recipe.

Sure, an ice cream maker can be a useful kitchen accessory if you’re regularly churning out frozen desserts.

But if you don’t happen to have one (or just don’t feel like waiting for its hour-long cycle before you dig into something cold and sweet), give these 9 recipes a whirl… or a blend… or a process. You’ll land yourself with faster, easier ice cream access — and, if you ask us, that’s never a bad thing.