We found a few healthy lunch recipe pins that will inspire you to jazz up your midday meals with cute Mason jars and other creative touches. The best part? These office-ready meals don’t take a ton of time to prepare. (If you need some snacks to tide you over ’til then, check out our favorite portable, high-protein snack recipes.)

1. Caprese Salad in a Jar

Choose the freshest tomatoes and highest-quality mozzarella you can find for an adorable, flavorful lunch that doesn’t require any cooking at all.

2. Traveling Noodles

Add any veggies you have in your fridge to these soup jars. Prepare the night before and just add hot water the next day at work—it’s that easy.

3. Pizza Mini Quiches

Yes, pizza quiche! Add your favorite toppings into each muffin pan (along with the egg and milk base) for the pizza flavor of your choice. Throw a few of these in a tin for a delicious, protein-filled meal.

4. To-Go Kale and Chicken Salad

Combine chicken with kale, broccoli slaw, and tangy cranberries for a meal bursting with flavor. Whip these out any time you need lunch on the go—or even for a picnic with friends this summer!

5. Bell Pepper Pizzas

Bell peppers are a great substitute for pizza crust—not only are they are they much more nutritious, they’re also a convenient vehicle for toppings. Stick as many as you want in a tin or box and be on your way.

6. Healthy Vegan Bento Box

The bloggers behind Compassionate Fitness update the list of recipes behind this vegan bento box pin periodically, so it’s definitely one to pin and reference later. Find ideas for vegan meals, such as veggie fried rice and five-spice baked tofu. (Keep in mind these are meant as guides, since you won’t find exact recipes.)

7. Cauliflower Cashew Bowls

When all else fails, you’ll always have tried-and-true Tupperware. Truthfully, you can put this vegetarian “bowl” in any portable carrier you have on hand. The crunchy cauliflower and cashew combination will fill you up, and the dressing has a sweet kick.