While there are tons of purported health benefits to eating like our prehistoric ancestors, recipe options can feel limiting (raise your hand if you’re tired of relying on versions of the same grilled chicken and veggie dish). Here are some easy and creative ways to shake up your Paleo protein intake with ground turkey. And yes, even pizza is on the menu.

1. Asian Ground Turkey and Broccoli Cauliflower Rice Bowls

Filling? Check. Quick and easy to make? Check. Unbelievably delicious? Check. These ground turkey, broccoli, and cauli-rice bowls are an ideal Paleo dinner. It can all made in one skillet and takes only minutes to whip up, not to mention it tastes way better (and fresher) than takeout. Just remember to skip the Sriracha and instead use the Asian chile paste to keep this recipe 100 percent Paleo.

2. Bunless Turkey Burgers

What Paleo turkey roundup would be complete without a kick-ass burger recipe? These bunless turkey burgers are straightforward, flavorful, and packed with veggies. The seasonings, avocado sauce, and grilled zucchini are what make this burger a total knockout. Even your non-Paleo friends will be asking you for this recipe.

3. Paleo Greek Stuffed Zucchini Boats

What to do when you crave Greek food but can’t tuck into a greasy gyro? Look no further than these stuffed zucchini boats to get your Mediterranean fix. Whether you’re cooking for a crew or dining solo, these turkey-and-tomato stuffed zucc’s are the perfect meal and can be made by home chefs of any skill level.

4. Turkey and Summer Vegetable Soup

This recipe proves there’s no wrong time of year to make soup. This Paleo one is chock-full of fresh veggies and lean protein, thanks to our good friend turkey. It’s light and filling at the same time, making it the perfect stand-alone meal or side dish.

5. Tomato Basil Turkey Meatloaf

Nothing says comfort quite like a good meatloaf. The classic and hearty dish can be easily made Paleo, and this particular meatloaf might even taste better than what you had growing up. The key to this recipe is using fresh basil rather than dried, which (trust us) makes all the difference.

6. Sweet Potato Hash With Brussels Sprouts, Apple, and Turkey

When you go Paleo, you’ll have to ditch your morning toast, skip the cheese on your omelet, and *gasp* take your coffee without milk. Needless to say, it can be hard for those of us craving a filling breakfast to always get what we need. But fear not, this hash has everything you could want and more. Packed with sweet potatoes, eggs, turkey, and even Brussels sprouts, this recipe will become your new Paleo go-to.

7. Thai Turkey Meatballs

Woah woah woah… a meatball recipe that isn’t Italian?! Yup, you heard that right. These Thai-inspired lean turkey meatballs pack a whole lot of flavor and will totally rock your world. Serve ’em over zucchini noodles for the perfect Paleo Asian-fusion entree.

8. Sweet Potato Mole Turkey Chili

Take your turkey chili game up a notch with a little Mexican flair. This recipe combines a lot of our fave ingredients: sweet potato, jalapeno, and yes, even almond butter, to create a killer take on the classic. Even the mole sauce can be made pretty easily, making that authentic Mexican kick even easier to achieve.

9. Low-Carb Turkey Tacos

Speaking of Mexican food, let’s ~taco~ bout some more Paleo options for Tex-Mex junkies. Turns out, you can make a real good taco even while *gasp* ditching the tortilla. This is the perfect meal to make when that Chipotle craving hits. Using some Paleo-friendly salsa, ground turkey, fajita veggies, and large lettuce leaves in lieu of a tortilla, you’ll have yourself some healthy tacos that taste just as good as your go-to burrito order.

10. Turkey Egg Roll in a Bowl

When you feel like your Paleo meal plan is just one salad after another, this is the perfect solution for a more substantial entree. Though we all love the crunchy, fried goodness of an egg roll, their greasy fillings can make our guts angry. Enter the Paleo-friendly egg roll in a bowl: all the savory deliciousness of an egg roll minus the nasties with the added (protein) benefit of lean turkey.

11. Roasted Paleo Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed peppers are always a hit, and that’s why we love ’em. This Paleo-friendly recipe features peppers filled to the brim with zucchini and ground turkey, making them a satisfying addition to any meal.

12. 30-Minute Thai Basil Turkey Bowls

Let’s face it: Finding a Paleo meal-prep recipe that actually keeps you full until dinner can be a little hard. Perfect for make-ahead lunches or an easy dinner, these Thai basil turkey bowls can be prepped in only 30 minutes and will not disappoint in the flavor department.

13. Cauliflower Crust Pizza With Vegan Cashew Pesto, Turkey, and Veggies

One look at the title of this recipe might cause new-to-Paleo folks to do a huge eye-roll. “Cauliflower pizza has nothing on a greasy 99-cent slice,”… yeah, yeah, we get it. But don’t knock it before you try this Paleo thin-crust goodness. Loaded up with fresh veggies and savory turkey chunks, this perfectly crunchy Paleo pie is sure to satisfy even the biggest pizza purists.