Withings Smart Body Analyzer

For years, our old scale gathered dust in the corner of our tiny bathroom. The contraption was clunky, surprisingly heavy, and questionably accurate. Then we were introduced to the Smart Body Analyzer from Withings, which boasts a smart, sleek design and even smarter technological capabilities.

The word “scale” is nowhere to be found in the name of this bathroom accessory, and that’s no accident. Yes, it will weigh you—literally in the blink of an eye—but it also measures body composition (both body mass index and fat mass), heart rate, and the carbon dioxide levels and temperature of the room. So we were able to capture a more holistic view of our body and our environment than any readout of plain ol’ pounds can ever tell you.

All that data got transmitted to an accompanying app in the form of pretty and easy-to-read graphs, which made it super easy for us to follow our progress. (We’re saying this as the math averse, who struggle to split the bill at dinner.) And the Smart Body Analyzer is, well, smart. It recognizes up to eight users and transmits each individual’s specific data to his or her mobile device. We’d say that’s weigh way cool.