Stuff We Love: Wine Awesomeness

We finally found the adult equivalent of the thrill of being a kid on Christmas morning. It’s called Wine Awesomeness, and it’s a service that delivers three hand-selected bottles of wine to your doorstep every month. (This is a box you don't want to shake. There’s precious cargo inside, after all!)

The down-to-earth team at Wine Awesomeness (no snobs allowed) curates every box with the help of a master sommelier. Members can choose boxes with all reds, whites, or a mix of both, and each collection shares a common theme, like “Eastern Bloc Party” (wines from Eastern Europe) and “Unicorn Wines” (vino made from super rare grapes).

The best part? There’s zero intimidation factor. Wine Awesomeness makes it easy and accessible for anyone to talk about wine. (We already know drinking it is a piece of cake!) Each box comes with a booklet that describes the wines in terms we actually understand—no talk of a subtle oaky taste or floral notes here. The booklet also includes delicious recipes to pair with each wine, music suggestions, and brief backgrounds about the vino you’re drinking. It sure beats wandering cluelessly down the wine aisle or guzzling yet another bottle of Two-Buck Chuck.

And the price is right: Your first month is free (just pay for shipping) and every other box is $45, which is pretty much guaranteed to be cheaper than grabbing a trio of decent wines at your local liquor store. So sign up and start sipping—life’s too short to drink bad wine.

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