Flappers to Disco Divas, Supermodels to Booty Babes—we examined them all when we looked back over the last 100 years of women’s body image. But historically speaking, that’s a drop in the bucket when it comes to perceptions of the “perfect” female body. If you expand that spotlight to really gaze back thousands of years, you’ll see many different body types were embraced and celebrated, from the cushy figure of Italian Renaissance to the symmetrical look of Ancient Egypt. (Yup, before Kim Kardashian, we put Cleopatra on a pedestal.)

That’s why we’re mesmerized by this BuzzFeed video where eleven models vogue through the sands of time—showing how the ideal female body has changed over the last 3,000 years. And while our first reaction might be to don a white leotard, crank up the 80s dance track “Walk Like an Egyptian,” and host our own underwear dance party—our second reaction is to remind ourselves that supermodel proportions and washboard abs are a relatively recent thing. The idea of the “perfect” female body is always evolving. Our sincere hope: If viral videos are any indication, we may be headed into a new era where all bodies are considered beautiful, from muscled to jiggly.