Remodo Boxed Rooms

Moving into a new space—whether it’s a dorm room or your first apartment (hello, real world!)—can be daunting. Sure, you’ve got the basics covered—bed, towels, plates, check! But when it comes to the finishing touches, from throw pillows to throw rugs, it’s easy to feel a little lost. And admiring all those picture-perfect rooms on Pinterest and design blogs can give you a serious case of decor envy.

Enter Remodo’s Boxed Room, an all-in-one, curated collection of colorful home accessories delivered directly to your doorstep. Think of it as the missing link between your decorating dreams and (starter) bedroom reality.

Simply choose your bed size (including twin XL for the college crowd) and color preference (blue, black, neutral, turquoise, coral, or lavender). When your Remodo box arrives, it will contain a complete bedding set, cozy Turkish cotton blanket, large storage bin, picture frame, and throw pillow (two come with the queen or king version). The boxes are a little pricey (starting at $348), but we know we’d likely spend way more money—and time!—purchasing the same top-notch items at a department store. The best news? Remodo is offering 20 percent off any boxed room—just enter Greatist20 at checkout.

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