Hydro Flask

At Greatist, we’re big fans of hydration. The benefits of H2O—from fighting fatigue to boosting brainpower—are almost too many to count, so you can bet we have a reusable bottle on hand at all times. But taking a swig of what used to be cool, crisp water mid-workout only to find it’s now lukewarm is enough to turn us off from sipping completely.

Thanks to Hydro Flask, that’s no longer an issue. This vacuum-insulated container keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids warm for up to six hours. And it really works: Whether we were powering through an indoor cycling or hot yoga class, the water was still icy cold at the end! The 32-ounce size is also perfect for outdoorsy types—you can enjoy piping hot coffee on chilly winter hikes or ski runs. Plus, the wide mouth fits most backcountry water filters, making it easy to refill on overnight adventures.

The Hydro Flask may be pricier than other reusable bottles, but it seriously changed how much water we drank (bye-bye dehydration). We’d consider that money well spent.