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We love our tech-obsessed friends. After all, they’re the ones we turn to when our phone stops texting or our computer flashes the blue screen of death. But keeping up with the latest and greatest on tech blogs can be daunting—and that’s why you’re in luck. We did the legwork for you. These gifts will wow everyone on your list, and unlike the majority of tech products, most of these won’t break the bank.

Momentary Ink

Once you get a tattoo, there’s no turning back. And after a few years—or even a few days—you may second-guess that decision to get a bald eagle on your bicep or those musical notes around your ankle. That’s where Momentary Ink comes in. Create a custom design, and they’ll send you a temporary tattoo, so you can take it for a proper test drive. Bonus: It’s great if you’re looking to scare older relatives with your edgier side over the holidays. (Starting at $15; momentaryink.com)

Symphonized NRG Headphones

If you’re anything like us, you misplace (or break) pair of headphones every few months. With that track record, we can’t justify buying a fancy pair. But these headphones from Symphonized offer superior sound quality at an unbeatable price. They’re also nearly impossible to break thanks to their wooden construction—now we just need to make sure we don’t lose them. (Starting at $18.99; amazon.com)

Anker Astro Mini

Few things strike fear into our hearts like a cell phone’s low battery alert. How are we supposed to live without Google Maps, Instagram, and Uber?! Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about that with the Anker Astro Mini tucked in your pocket or bag. It’s the size of a tube of lipstick and can add a full charge to your almost-dead smartphone. Just consider it your 21st-century security blanket. (Starting at $9.99; amazon.com)

Am Mist

Chances are you stare at screens all day, and those screens are usually pretty dirty. It doesn’t just make things harder to read when you have smudges all over your laptop—it also means the device is likely covered in bacteria (lovely!). And that’s why Am Mist is one of the best stocking stuffers you can give. The two-in-one device comes with screen cleaner and is wrapped in microfiber for the perfect streak-free clean. ($12.99; getcleanam.com)

H20 Vibe

It’s pretty much a fact that everyone sounds good singing in the shower. And singing gets that much easier when you have this showerhead that provides the beat and backup vocals. The device’s bluetooth speaker connects to your phone, which technically means you could take phone calls while shampooing—though we suggest avoiding anything work related. (Starting at $49.99; amazon.com)

Glider Gloves

This is the perfect gift for the obsessive texters on your list. As they can tell you, cold weather won’t stop them from replying at lightning speed—frostbite be damned! We found this pair of chic (and more importantly, warm) touchscreen gloves, so they can safely Snapchat all winter. ($29.99; glidergloves.com)

Google Chromecast

It’s hard to justify the cost of cable, especially when options like Chromecast exist. The device lets you stream videos, games, and music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your TV. (Because The Walking Dead just isn’t the same on a tiny screen.) Chromecast connects with dozens of apps, including Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now. Trust us: The cord-cutters will thank you. ($35; bestbuy.com)

Color Change Umbrella

Rainy days can be such a drag, unless of course, you’re Mary Poppins. This umbrella has magical powers too—the raindrops on top change to a vibrant rainbow of colors when wet. While it won’t make you fly, it will provide a much-needed mood boost. ($35; cooperhewitt.com)

Cord Tacos (Set of 5)

Our favorite kind of tacos come topped with sour cream and guacamole—but these are a close second. The cord taco is a super practical way to organize that mess of cords that somehow always finds its way to the bottom of your bag. Roll each cord into a taco, and never waste time untangling again. ($29.95; CB2.com)

Legacy Box

It’s hard to find that perfect #TBT when your fave (or most embarrassing) family photos are sitting in a shoebox in your mom’s attic. Legacy Box is here to help. They ship you a box to load up with photos, tapes, and film. You ship it back, they digitize everything, and send you a DVD and digital files to bring those memories into the Instagram-era. (Starting at $75; legacybox.com)


Video games today have impressive graphics and intriguing storylines, but sometimes we get nostalgic for the classics, like Pacman and Donkey Kong. Pretend you’re back at the arcade playing Tetris or Space Invaders thanks to Nanoarcade. It’s about the size of a Gameboy and allows you to download games directly to the device. ($59.99; nanoarcade.net)

Crosley Messenger Turntable

From the outside, the Crosley Messenger looks like just another boring over-the-shoulder bag. But open it up, and you’ll find a full turntable, making it the must-have gift for music purists who want to bring the party wherever they go. (Starting at $79.95; wayfair.com)

Philips Wake-Up Light

All of the night owls on your list could benefit from this gift. Unlike normal alarms that jolt you awake with ear-piercing sounds, this device uses light to gently coax you out of your slumber. Starting 30 minutes before your wake-up time, the alarm slowly adds more and more light until it’s basically high noon in your room. ($69.99; philips-store.com)

The Cube

Movie nights get a serious upgrade thanks to the Cube, a two-inch by two-inch mobile projector. Use an HDMI cable to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the Cube; place the device on its tripod; and position it to project on the biggest blank wall in sight. Unfortunately, popcorn isn’t included.($299; rif6.com)

Apple Watch

Nearly 60 percent of people who have a fitness tracker stop using it within six months. But we find it hard to imagine you’d quit the snazzy and tricked-out Apple Watch. While you can download myriad apps, the uber-hyped device really shines when it comes to fitness. The activity app tracks how much you stand, walk, and exercise every day, and the workout app measures time, distance, calories burned, pace, and heart rate. Add a set of bluetooth headphones, and you won’t even need your iPod for music at the gym. (Starting at $349; apple.com)