DailyBurn True Beginner Program

DailyBurn is like having your own personal trainer, yogi, and nutritionist who never require an appointment. You can beam video workouts straight to your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV. The workouts range from 15 minutes to one hour and cover virtually every style of exercise, from cardio to bodyweight training to dance. Our personal favorite is True Beginner, a four-week program that goes through the basics of strength training (basic doesn’t mean easy). The moves are difficultenough that you feel the burn the next day, and the instruction is so motivating that you’ll want to keep coming back.

Then there’salso the whole nutritional side of the site. Want to know the facts on your favorite post-workout smoothie (that may or may not be more accurately described as a milkshake)? DailyBurn can tell you that plus all the nutritional information on nearly one million other products. The best part? The first 30 days are totally free and then at just $10 a month after that, you’ll wonder why you ever paid for a fancy gym membership.