BlenderBottle GoStak

We remember the time before GoStak when our snacks would be in a hodgepodge of Ziploc baggies tumbling around in our bag. But those days are over. These perfectly portioned containers snap together into a tower of healthy (and maybe sometimes not-so-healthy) goodness. The large size fits a tidy bundle of baby carrots or a stack of crackers, and medium sizes are perfect for that two-tablespoon serving of nut butter or a few loose almonds. The smallest size is perfect for a little pinch of chocolate chips or cacao nibs. (Though we may have also used the larger sizes for that too.)

And if you’re the type to cart around scoops of protein powder—the GoStaks were specially designed to fit into the company’s shaker bottle—or natural sweetener, you no longer have to use plastic baggies for those either. In a nutshell: They’re like a fun toy for ultra-organized people who’d rather not resort to a vending machine.

Now if GoStak would just make containers for our dirty gym clothes…