You don’t have to be a coffee snob to know the difference between a great cup of coffee and one that’s just meh. Most coffee makers—from the Mr. Coffees to the Keurigs of the world—do the legwork for you, but that also means they take the control out of your hands. Hence, why you end up with so many mediocre cups of joe.

With the AeroPress, you control your own destiny brew. The gadget is basically a smaller French press with an improved design: Put the ground coffee in the brew chamber, pour over hot water, stir with the paddle, and press the plunger down slowly. Less than two minutes later you’ve got eight ounces of top-notch java.

While that’s impressive all on its own, where the AeroPress really shines is during travel. It’s super portable, so you can still have your favorite cup of coffee whether you’re at a campsite or a hotel room. Try doing that with your Keurig.