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Hi Greatist readers, happy Monday!

We are finally at the end of November, time flies by! I hope these self-care practices have been helpful for you during this month and I’m looking forward to sharing the last dimension with you.

Spiritual self-care is all about connecting to something greater than ourselves. For some, it might be connecting with God through prayer. For others, it might be going for a walk and being in tune with nature. Spiritual self-care gives us the ability to live in a state of mindfulness and connect with the deeper parts of ourselves.

As we shift into the final month of the year, I encourage you to engage in spiritual wellness. Here are some reflective questions to help you with this process:

  1. What is one source that I lean on to help me feel grounded?
  2. What medium do I use to engage with this source? (ex: prayer, meditation, photography, tarot, etc.)
  3. What does spirituality mean to me?
  4. In what ways can I honor my spiritual side?

Give yourself some time to reflect on these questions daily. I look forward to checking back in with you all next month!

With love,
Minaa B.