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What It Is:

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is in fact pretty smart for a scale. It measures weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) using a proprietary technology that cues the user about precisely where to stand for highest-accuracy data. It also monitors the air for carbon dioxide content and temperature to let users know when it’s time for more fresh air. In addition to its beautiful design and “pinpoint accuracy,” the scale works in concert with a well-designed mobile app to track data and users’ weight loss goals, providing alerts, reminders, and tips.

The Deets:

There’s more to health than the numbers, but this smart scale provides additional data (beyond just pounds) and is enhanced by desktop and mobile apps, which could help with goal setting (and achievement!). It also works with more than 100 partner health and fitness apps.

Why It’s Greatist-Approved:

  • Great mobile integration
  • Beautiful design

Buy Now $149.95

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