Whether talking about a good pal or someone who’s a little bit more (wink, wink), a tandem work out can be good for any relationship. For starters, working out is an awesome way to get a good rush of mood-boosting chemicals, and who better to share that positivity with than a loved one? When paired up, those chemicals can help strengthen bonds.

Working out together also increases trust and encourages communication to get you both working toward shared goals and focused on your mutual well-being. A word of warning: competitive pairs may want to skip the weights and cardio and opt for yoga or a shared stretch session. And don’t forget, all those benefits are great for friends or significant others!

The Takeaway: Strengthen your relationship with any loved one by hitting the gym together. You’ll get a positive hormonal payoff and improve trust and communication in your relationship.

Love Club

Scientists say we may determine within a few minutes if someone’s a potential mate, but true love at first sight? That’s another story…

Fun Fact

Of people under 50, 79 percent of Americans said they were in love “right now” when surveyed in 2003. Sadly, only 57 percent of people over 50 said the same.